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  • "Our experience of IMSP, as parents of a child with special needs, is extremely positive. To me, the way the most vulnerable children are welcomed is the best illustration of the school's ability to address every child's needs. Within IMSP, I see inclusion and care of every child as a continuous process, with the constant attention of the school team.

    What strikes me most is the exceptional quality of dialogue that has been established within the whole team, the openness to collaboration and experimentation with new ways of involving our son, as well as the consideration for parents' concerns. The school has revealed not only great human qualities and benevolent attitude, but also a wonderful flexibility to specific constraints, and a commitment to offer each child the best learning opportunities and engagement in the community. Through continuous observation, the teachers are always striving to create the best setting for our son's successful learning. They demonstrate their faith and commitment to guide any child, whatever their genetic characteristics or supposed limitations, to become a successful and autonomous learner. This is far from common!

    Peace, quiet atmosphere, joyful environment, genuine Montessori experience for learning would be the key points that to me characterize the International Montessori School of Prague. I warmly recommend this school!"

    The Toulouse Family
    1 Primary child

  • "What we love most about IMSP is that it applies a unique, individualized approach to each child, focusing on his/her interests and personality. Moreover, the program embraces the general principles of society guiding their students with kindness, respect and tolerance while encouraging the children to do the same. We have visited and examined several schools and school systems in various countries and IMSP remains our favourite. If you want your child to be treated fairly and with individualized attention - this is the way to go."

    The Janczak Family
    1 Elementary child

  • "Simply put, breathtaking! Enrolling our son into the morning toddler program was the best idea we ever had. The way the toddler team cares for children is fantastic. Thanks to the Montessori method, we have learnt so much, not only about the way the child's world works, but also how to become better parents for our son (and thus better people). Apart from acquiring English in the most natural way, our son has become independent in so many areas, including all aspects of self care: dressing, eating, etc. At home, we strive to fully support and develop the loving and caring attitude towards his environment that our son brings from the classrom. Needless to say, he loves the interaction with other children at school. We truly wish that each child and parent could experience the Montessori method. We will be always grateful for being given this fabulous opportunity!"

    The Dvořáček Family
    1 Toddler child

  • "When our 6-year old daughter joined IMSP, she had struggled to express her thoughts and needs in any language. As interaction with her peers was too difficult for her, she became closed off. We felt desperate but the teachers reassured us not to worry, telling us that "there is a brilliant child within each student". Several years later, when we look at our daughter, we see a happy child, confidently sharing her thoughts and feelings and joking with her friends. IMSP is and always will be special for us, because they helped us find "the key to unlock our brilliant child". Our whole family found support, understanding and care at the school and we are very grateful to all the teachers and staff. This is why we love IMSP."

    The Bokash Family
    1 Elementary child

  • "We fell in love with IMSP upon entering the spacious and bright classrooms, filled with natural light. Seeing the children working like little elves, as my husband said, was a wonderful feeling. The teachers are full of love, warmth and compassion. Children are respected, appreciated, and this shows in their development and love for learning. In addition, the school has a large playground that allows children to run and play freely during school hours but also after dismissal. This encourages children and parents alike to socialize in a familiar and relaxed environment."

    The Geyr Family
    2 Primary children

  • “One of the main reasons we love IMSP is because all the teachers show great compassion for the children and it is obvious that they love teaching. Our 7-year old amazes us daily with interesting tidbits of information that she has learned; she is often eager to explore and learn more on her own after her lessons at school."

    The Gennoti-Bell Family
    1 Primary child and 1 Elementary child